Vermeer Manufacturing and Vermeer Canada are proud to include the following alliance partners:


  CETCO Drilling Products

Offering the widest assortment of high quality bentonite drilling fluids, grouts, sealants, polymers, and additives, CETCO can help maximize your drilling efficiency and meet your needs in the field. Our complete line of professional products is specially designed to enhance the cost-effectiveness of drilling operations by controlling and improving drilling fluid properties.

  Digital Control Inc.

DCI revolutionized the HDD industry with the introduction of the DigiTrak Locating system in 1991. The unique features of the new system provided greater accuracy for measuring the depth and location of the drillhead than prior systems.

Digital Control Systems  

Easy Lift Tracked Platforms

Easy Lift is a young company, founded in late 2005 by highly motivated members and highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in production and selling of aerial platforms.


McLaughlin - A Vermeer Company

McLaughlin, MV Solutions is a leading manufacturer of trenchless construction equipment including Vermeer vacuum excavators, auger boring machines, pneumatic piercing tools, locators, directional drills and attachments. Ross with support the full line of McLaughlin products for dealers and contractor.

  Mincon Inc.

Mincon Hardrock Hammer Systems utilize “High Frequency Cycle” technology. Mincon Hardrock is the only manufacturer of Steerable Hammers that incorporate this feature. The advantages to this are as follows.High Frequency design aids in faster removal of drill cuttings from the bit face while providing the smallest possible chip size. This aids in keeping the borehole cleaner and reduces the possibility of getting the tool stuck. High Frequency design improves the steering capabilities of the tool. In head to heads tests against other competitor manufacturers the Mincon Hardrock systems out steered them in dirt, cobble and solid rock.High Frequency design provides less vibration to the drill string. This ensures less wear and tear to the rig and locating sonde.Set up to utilize any of the available locating sondes on the market the Mincon Hardrock Systems can be adapted to your existing locating equipment.With the Mincon Hardrock Support Pack and hosing any conventional HDD machine can be converted for rock drilling.


Right Turn Supply

We like this industry. We like the people. When you’ve got that going for you, the work becomes more about the relationships you make and taking good care of your customer. We started Right Turn Supply to do just that. We find the best items in the marketplace. We deliver them with honest information and service at the highest level – the whole enchilada. If you want the longer version of the story, pull up a chair and we’ll tell it.




Bron has been designing, manufacturing and marketing heavy equipment and attachments since 1974. BRON products are sold through dealers around the world and include: static and vibratory utility plows, agricultural drainage plows, hydraulic towed scrapers, pipelayers, cable removal plows, rubber track undercarriages, and RTU ejector boxes. BRON products are designed for extra-strength and durability. Field tested in hundreds of installations around the world, the BRON products are ideal for those tough working conditions.


SHERRILLtree Arborist Supplies

Whether you are looking for arborist supplies, arbor equipment, arboriculture gear, or arborist gear, SHERRILLtree is one of the largest arborist equipment suppliers and your one-stop shop for arborist supplies



The history of Compact excavators is synonymous with YANMAR's excavator history. Since YANMAR introduced the first compact excavator to the market in 1971, YANMAR has always taken the lead in the industry. 

Since opening their doors over 100 years ago, Yanmar has been manufacturing high quality equipment over all the world for the marine, agriculture and construction industries. Yanmar changed the world in 1933 when they invented the first commercially available small horizontal diesel engine. That engine would become the industry standard used by most manufactures of construction equipment in the united states.

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