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DCI revolutionized the HDD industry with the introduction of the DigiTrak Locating system in 1991. The unique features of the new system provided greater accuracy for measuring the depth and location of the drillhead than prior systems.

TeraTrak R1


A major challenge of today’s bore plans is that they often become irrelevant a few rods in.
The TeraTrak™ R1 generates continuous job site topography and gives you the vital data to create and update your bore plan on-the-fly, so it never becomes obsolete.

  • Visualize underground hazards
  • Target waypoints to drill with more confidence
  • Rugged, reliable and waterproof hardware
  • Rugged, waterproof design with IP66 rating
  • Does the math for you
  • Fewer re-drills; no bent rods
  • Faster bores and cost saving

Radiodetection is a world leader in the management of critical infrastructure and utilities, providing best in class equipment and solutions, designed to prevent damage, manage assets and protect lives. Founded in 1977, Radiodetection is globally recognised for its established range of tools and digital solutions.

Why is Radiodetection the professionals' choice?


We deliver trusted and proven tools that keeps the utility world running. Our solutions allow our customers to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving utility environment. Operating in over 60 countries, our solutions are designed with safety in mind, and have evolved over nearly 50 years to provide a complete solution. Radiodetection offers a broad range of solutions across a core group of brands, including:

  • RadiodetectionDamaging buried utilities can be both expensive and dangerous and can also seriously impact companies’ reputations. Superior detection tools, such as Radiodetection’s, allow you to identify and trace underground infrastructure. Radiodetection’s range comprise of precision locators, cable avoidance tools, magnetic locators, ground penetrating radar (GPR), dehydrators and cable test technology. LEARN MORE >
  • SchonstedtSchonstedt is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing Magnetic Locators, which aid in detecting, tracing, repairing, maintaining and recovering ferrous metal objects, up to 20’ (6 m) below the surface of the ground. Schonstedt joined Radiodetection in March 2018 and strengthened the core solutions offered by Radiodetection. LEARN MORE >
  • Sensors & SoftwareSensors & Software joined Radiodetection in November 2020 and expanded Radiodetection’s ground penetrating radar (GPR) offering. Sensors & Software Inc. is recognized worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of GPR instrumentation and software, delivering subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide.  Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice and snow opens endless possibilities. Our solutions empower informed decision-making. LEARN MORE >
  • DielectricThe Dielectric range of products is designed for dry air pressurization. With over 60 years experience, the Dielectric Range has refined its technology to provide the most trouble-free and environmentally friendly dryers available. LEARN MORE >

McLaughlin, a Vermeer Company, is a leading manufacturer of trenchless construction equipment including Vermeer vacuum excavators, auger boring machines, pneumatic piercing tools, locators, directional drills and attachments. Ross with support the full line of McLaughlin products for dealers and contractor.


The McLaughlin McL-12HB is a 3”-10” zipper auger boring machine provides a versatile and economic solution to install steel and PVC casing as well as providing the ability to be used in a free boring application.

  • Easy set-up: The short carriage of the McL-12HB enables setup in trenches only 7’ in length using 4’ auger flight for free bore applications and case bore using 10’ sections of pipe (Steel or PVC) with a 13’ track.
  • Power Source: With remote hydraulic quick disconnects, the McL-12HB can be powered with a backhoe, mini excavator or power pack.
  • Reliable Design: Foot-actuated, spring-loaded dog plate provides a simple and reliable method for quickly securing and retracting dog pins.
  • Ready to Work: Powerful hydraulic motor generates 1030 ft-lb torque @ 2500 psi tough boring conditions.
  • Designed for Precision: The in-line dual hydraulic cylinder design allows for maximum thrust of 24,500 lbs at 2500 psi on the bore centerline ensuring thrust is delivered in-line with the auger carriage and features a casing pusher for up to 10” diameter sections of pipe. 
  • Controlled Installations: Variable speed hydraulic valve provides up to 120 rpm auger speed @ 20 gpm for controlled boring installations.

Mincon Hardrock Hammer Systems utilize “High Frequency Cycle” technology. Mincon Hardrock is the only manufacturer of Steerable Hammers that incorporate this feature. The advantages to this are as follows.High Frequency design aids in faster removal of drill cuttings from the bit face while providing the smallest possible chip size. This aids in keeping the borehole cleaner and reduces the possibility of getting the tool stuck. High Frequency design improves the steering capabilities of the tool. In head to heads tests against other competitor manufacturers the Mincon Hardrock systems out steered them in dirt, cobble and solid rock.High Frequency design provides less vibration to the drill string. 


Every Mincon DTH hammer is built in-house, at our state-of-the-art factories. All components are precision-manufactured using high-quality raw materials and undergo proprietary heat-treatment processes at our own facilities to guarantee durability and quality.
Mincon’s DTH hammer models support a wide variety of popular drill bit shank designs and are available with all common backhead connections. API Reg pin connectors are standard.

  • Patented innovation to ensure maximum energy transfer
  • Simplified design for easier servicing and higher reliability
  • Valveless, high-frequency design for smoother operation
  • Multi-start threads on backhead and chuck for easy coupling/uncoupling
  • Unique internal mount system eliminates the need for wear shims and special assembly tools
  • Specialised heat-treatment hardening for critical components for maximum longevity
Right Turn Supply logo

We like this industry. We like the people. When you’ve got that going for you, the work becomes more about the relationships you make and taking good care of your customer. We started Right Turn Supply to do just that. We find the best items in the marketplace. We deliver them with honest information and service at the highest level – the whole enchilada. If you want the longer version of the story, pull up a chair and we’ll tell it.

  • No Dust
  • No Sand Content
  • Extends Pump Life
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Extends Trasmitter Life
  • Longer Tooling Life
  • Easy to Mix
  • Higher Concentration = Smaller Footprint
  • Higher Production Rates

Cobble Commander


This one of a kind HDD utility drilling fluid has yet to meet a job it can’t handle. Cobble Commander increases the drilling fluid’s ability to carry out cuttings without drastically affecting the viscosity. This is indicated by high-yield point and low plastic viscosity readings. When not circulating, the mud instantly returns to a gelled state and immediately suspends drilled cuttings. At the end of the day, Cobble Commander will allow for more time efficient drilling and the carrying out of more cuttings, proving the efficiency and quality of the formula.

  • Increase rate of penetration
  • Excellent cuttings transport
  • Excellent cuttings suspension
  • Bore hole stabilization through “gel locking” in the formation
  • To be used with bentonite
  • A must for any dual-rod machine
  • Compatible with PAC’s, TROL’s, lubricants, detergents, PHPA, etc.
  • Recommended for rock, sand, gravel, and cobble formations
  • Increases the drilling mud’s ability to carry out cuttings without drastically raising the viscosity
Cobble Commander HDD utility drilling fluids available at Vermeer Canada

GEL/BENTONITE drilling fluid systems improve your drilling performance, the technology maximizes production, and environmental solutions to safely manage waste volumes. Specialized additives complement the efficiencies of our advanced drilling fluid systems by targeting performance-hindering downhole conditions, eliminating or minimizing the problems that drive up costs and threaten drilling programs. For example, we were the first to introduce cost-effective, high-efficiency micronized barite technology to water- and oil-based drilling fluids.

Innovative drilling fluid engineers are at the company’s core, helping oil and gas operators increase efficiency and lower costs. We do this by developing drilling fluid systems and additives that accommodate a wide range of drilling environments and demanding applications—including:

M-I Swaco logo

Bron has been designing, manufacturing and marketing heavy equipment and attachments since 1974. BRON products are sold through dealers around the world and include: static and vibratory utility plows, agricultural drainage plows, hydraulic towed scrapers, pipelayers, cable removal plows, rubber track undercarriages, and RTU ejector boxes. BRON products are designed for extra-strength and durability. Field tested in hundreds of installations around the world, the BRON products are ideal for those tough working conditions.

The BRON 175 is a compact Utility Tractor used for gas and utility installations. Engineered for power and performance, the BRON 175 is designed to allow contractors to work on any terrain, maneuver in tight areas, and perform actively in all soil conditions. The BRON 175 comes with variable vibration for optimal performance in tough ground conditions along with an 8,000 lb. capacity reel carrier.

  • Decelerator Pedal: The decelerator pedal offers the option to change into operating ranges best suited for specific applications. Allows full hydraulic flow to the plow when slower travel speeds are required.
  • Reel Carrier: The 8,000 lb Reel Carrier can carry two spools of product for ease of installation.
  • Seat Mounted Controls: Seat Mounted Plow and Tractor controls gives the operator ease of tractor and plow operation with minimal fatigue.
  • Fairleads & Slider Chute: Fairleads install on the roof and a blade mounted slider chute keep cables in line organized and ready for installation. 
  • ROPS Canopy: Roll over protections structure (ROPS Certified) is standard equipment on the BRON 175. This fully certified canopy protects the operator.
  • V75-3 Vibratory Plow: Ideal for installations where tractive power is limited. This offsetting vibratory plow is designed for the installation of fibre optics, copper cable, conduit & pipe.

Whether you are looking for arborist supplies, arbor equipment, arboriculture gear, or arborist gear, SHERRILLtree is one of the largest arborist equipment suppliers and your one-stop shop for arborist supplies


We see tree care as much more than just a job. It's a lifestyle.

Any arborist who loves to climb could go on and on about their passion. Like trees, there’s always more, and every once in a while, you come across something new and different. Our mission focuses on education and constant professional improvement. Whether it’s a different technique, an interesting perspective, new gear, or something else, we do our best to provide you even more to explore – starting right here.


Since introducing the world’s first mini-excavator in 1968, we’ve been a leader in compact equipment. Each one of our machines is put through rigorous testing to ensure that they possess that legendary YANMAR quality that turns even your hardest job into an easy one. Our eight excavators, six with true zero tail swing, were designed to overcome challenging conditions without sacrificing any of the larger-than-life power that you need to get the job done. But don’t let all that gritty diesel power get your worried, we don’t believe in gas-guzzling.


Power, flexibility and stability in a compact package. Redefining the definition of compact power, the Yanmar SV40 is pushing the limits on an excavator of its size. With best in class power, digging force and lifting Capacity , this machine is a game changer within the compact excavator segment.Available in cab and canopy models, the SV40 is one of the most rugged, flexible machines; built to work effectively in extremely tight spaces other bulkier excavators simply can’t reach. Options for the SV40 include a second PTO function, 4 or 6-way blade and an additional counterweight, so the SV40 has everything for you to get the job done.



For over 30 years, FECON has built a reputation of manufacturing the most durable mulching head on the market. Their heavy-duty, rugged products power through the job, start to finish. Whether you are buying, renting, or servicing your mulching equipment, FECON has solutions that focus on your success.


This low-ground pressure (3.9 psi) tractor features an oscillating carriage with 30” track shoes, providing balanced traction in hard or soft conditions. A spacious cab features air suspension, heated seat, new larger touchscreen IQAN display, and keyless ignition with security for operator comfort and control. A tilting cab and wide engine compartment doors on the side and read, simplify access for maintenance and service. The FTX300 also features the Fecon Power Management System for unrivaled power and performance in the 300HP class.


The FIRST EVER compact lift with both lithium ion battery power and combustion engine

It’s time to cut the cord! The Bluelift is the first compact lift in its class to offer both lithium batteries and combustion engine on board. You no longer need to plug in your electric compact lift into a 110V outlet which means no more slow speeds, no more extension cords and no more frustration. 


The lithium battery option functions at 100% speed as the gas engine whereas machines running on 110v only function at approximately 40%. The B53 has a work height of 53′ and will travel through a standard single door. The B53 is easy to operate and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.