Vermeer BoreAid design tool takes a user through the design and planning process of a horizontal directional drill (HDD) bore in a sequential manner. The program considers soil conditions, product type, machine and other parameters as chosen by the user. It also constructs a detailed design dealing with many aspects of the project, from bore path planning and load calculations to pipe selections and drilling fluid requirements.

License Options

BoreAid (perpetual): $5,000 single license

  • This BoreAid option is a single license intended for one computer.

BoreAid (perpetual): $3,000 single license for any additional users (after initial purchase)

  • This BoreAid option is an additional license intended for one computer (purchased in addition to the Single License option).

BoreAid (perpetual): $9,000 network license (3 users on LAN)

  • This BoreAid option is for network installation, for up to 3 users.

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System Requirements
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 (SP2)
1.2GHz processor
4GB of RAM
1024 x 768 screen resolution
64-bit/32-bit CPU
Default system text "smaller" or 100% (language varies depending on OS)
Vermeer BoreAid® design tool is a perpetually licensed desktop software used for bores that require thorough planning. The software considers in particular (ASTM), (PRCI) and other HDD best practices offering the following key functions:
Installation, operational load information
Perform inadvertent return analysis, as-built documentation or analysis
Providing comprehensive project documentation
Product Compatibility
Not applicable
Equipment Compatibility
Not applicable

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